The Caterpillar track drive configuration offered the best capabilities and  flexibility for this project.

A similar track tension system is to be used , only it will have pneumatic cylinders that will keep a consistent pressure on the track. This system will require little maintenance and hopefully a smoother ride.

Two track drive systems had to be engineered. An inexpensive and robust track was spotted at a industrial wrecker. The FLIGHT TOP conveyor tracking would serve as a great development tool. This surplus was made of nylon plactic , an aluninum version with the same profile will be more suited , this we will implement when "all systems are go"

Seeing that this robot needs to be completed in my lifetime , we decided not to get sidetracked by the hundreds of possibilities and options. We chose to copy the Caterpillar Hi Track System , a tested and proven design. This type of track drive system produces higher torque and allows more room for some extra bits we wanted to include. As can be seen in the pic below a number of options are available.