XYZbot's Fritz Head Transplant... Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Here are some words of wisdom that we intent to pick-up on.

We wanted to build our own head and face movement, but time seems to be against us.

So at this point with so many great and innovative projects out there we made out choice.

Something we did not need to reinvent, but rather align to our project.

Fritz really took our fancy.
Examine the possibilities we now have in the clips below!


Introduction to Fritz by Leslie.

A behind the scenes look into Fritz's components from a CAD perspective.

Split screen video where you can see the avatar within the application control of Fritz moving along with the actual robot moving.

A behind the scenes look into show Fritz is manufactured. Kerwin makes it look simple!

Wonderful project ready to transplant onto the head of Francis.

Click on the logo to visit the official FRITZ site.

Yes, So Why Reinvent The Wheel?

Lynx Arm Programmed to Play Dominoes

Lynxmotion Arm is used here to play with a set of dominoes. With this co-ordination and simple programming it will be possible to teach the arm a number of entertaining skills.

Watch the clip below and imagine the possibilities !

5 Freaky Robots Show Us the Future is Now (Videos)

Robots have been a fascination of kids and scientists alike for generations. But while we've grown used to the idea of robots in our lives, from the mechanical arms that manufacture our automobiles to the more whimsical robot housekeepers and servers coming out of Japan design labs, there are far more high-tech robots being created that put us on the edge of our seats. Here are five of those strange and fascinating new inventions that call into question everything from the need for our flesh-and-bone bodies to human consciousness.
World-reknowned inventor Dean Kamen travels the world for amazing innovations like these. Don't miss his adventures on Dean of Invention Fridays at 10 pm on Planet Green, and see exclusive video footage and slideshows of the future.

The N55 Walking House seems like a perfect idea for those living on coastlines where sea level rise is taking over real estate. When high tide is lapping at your foundation, you can just up and walk the house somewhere else! But there are few things that make you feel like you're in an Orson Wells world as seeing a house crawl away on six legs.
While that's strange, this smaller, faster robot is even more disconcerting:

Controlling something with your thoughts. It's been the trick so many magicians and inspirational speakers hold up their sleeves. However, it's not smoke and mirrors anymore, as this wheelchair proves. Researchers have figured out a way to link up a person's mind with a chair's onboard computer, so thinking about going left results in the chair actually moving left.

But that wheelchair has nothing on this monkey and its mechanical arm:

This is an invention working to cure paralysis, similar to the chair above. Lead researcher Andrew Schwartz states that this work will help restore mobility for para- and quadriplegics.
It's one thing to control a robot with just your thoughts. But what if that robot had thoughts of its own? Here is one experiment to see if a robot can have a soul shown off on a recent episode of Dean of Invention:
Our definition of being human is being shaken by the work that this team is doing to create a robot that is, in some ways, "alive." If all the movies about robots gaining consciousness and taking over the world are running through you head right now, you're not alone.

Rather than those old-fashioned things called mules, these robots are a new high-tech pack-horse -- no feeding or sleep required, and they never get tired. Just a boost of fuel and they're good to cross miles of tough terrain.

Mechatronics - by Definition.

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, control engineering, and systems design engineering in order to design, and manufacture useful products[1][2]. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering, that is to say it rejects splitting engineering into separate disciplines. Originally, mechatronics just included the combination between mechanics and electronics, hence the word is only a portmanteau of mechanics and electronics. However, as technical systems have become more and more complex the word has been "updated" during recent years to include more technical areas


Waist Movement > Rotation



Waist Movement > Forward - Back

To enable the arms of Francis to approach an object with great precision it has been necessary to develop an added movement.
A requirement has been that both arms can approach an object at the same speed and time. To accomplish this the marvelous design from the human body has had to be mimicked.

The undercarriage off a Volvo truck seat was salvaged along with the drive gearbox and motor. 

Fabrication started with fitting the tracks to the lower undercarriage.